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The information is based on the identical 2014 and 2015 syllabuses - that is for final exams in 2014 or 2015.

1. Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry

2. Atomic structure

3. Chemical bonding

4. States of matter

5. Chemical energetics

6. Electrochemistry

7. Equilibria

8. Reaction kinetics

9.1 The periodic table: chemical periodicity

9.2 Group II

9.3 Group IV

9.4 Group VII

9.5 An introduction to the chemistry of transition elements

9.6 Nitrogen and sulfur

10.1 Organic Chemistry: Introductory topics

10.2 Hydrocarbons

10.3 Halogen derivatives

10.4 Hydroxy compounds

10.5 Carbonyl compounds

10.6 Carboxylic acids and derivatives

10.7 Nitrogen compounds

10.8 Polymerisation

11.1 Applications of chemistry: The chemistry of life

11.2 Applications of chemistry: Applications of analytical chemistry

11.3 Applications of chemistry: Design and materials

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