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Learning outcome 18: Carboxylic acids and derivatives

18.2: Esters

Statements 18.2.1 and 18.2.2

Statement 18.2.1: Producing esters

You have already covered this in statement 18.1.2(d). If you need to, re-read the page about esterification of carboxylic acids.

You will need some practical detail.

The syllabus also uses the term "condensation reaction". A condensation reaction is one where two molecules join together with the loss of a small molecule between them.

In this case when an alcohol reacts with an acid to give an ester, a small molecule (water) is lost when they join up.

Statement 18.2.2: Hydrolysing esters

You will find what you need on the page about hydrolysing esters. You can ignore the section on margarine at the bottom of the page.

This reaction is also mentioned as a way of making alcohols in statement 16.1.1(f).

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